Do they have girlfriends?

What’s all there real names?
Find outt. :D

What’s roc’s oovoo.
He has to add you, it comes up as private.

Do they have separate accounts?
NO! Don’t believe it. One facebook & One twitter.

When are they going on tour?

Yes, just ask!

Yes,lemme know if youre interested!

Who is the oldest and youngest?

Prince then Roc Royal.

Do you know them?
Nope not personally.

Have you met them?

I can put the thrill on your life. I can make your dreams come to life. I'll take off my shades, show you my eyes. I can see right through you, girl i know you aint SHYYY.
This blog is dedicated to the four most talented boys in the world.... mindless behavior.

The group consist of four boys. Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray-Ray & Roc Royal.

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