I Promise You MB Fan Base Is Hilarious!


I Mean Who Else Does This:


Dear Ray Ray,

“I Can’t Help It, I’m In Love With You. Love Is A Strong Word, And I’m Using It For Someone I Never Knew. No, I Don’t Love You Because You Have Fame. No, I Don’t Love You Because Your On Tv. I Love You Because You’re YOU. And, That’s All I Need. I’m 16 Years Old, And I Know I’m Too Young To Be In Love, But You Brought Me Here. I Never Met Anyone That I Love, Care For, Cry Over, And Act A Fool Over More Than You. Those 4 Letters Are Just Letters To Some People. But, It’s REAL To Me. But, The Sad This Is, I’m In Love With Someone, And They May Never Know. The Sad Thing Is, I’m In Love With Someone That Doesn’t Feel The Same. The Sad Thing Is I’m In Love With Someone Who May Marry SOMEONE ELSE Other Than Me One Day. The Sad Thing Is, I’m In Love With Someone Who DOSEN’T EVEN KNOW My First Name. The Sad Thing Is……. I’m In Love With Someone I NEVER MET. I Love You Ray Ray.”

- Yours Truly, Clarissa.

Imagine: You and Prodigy are on a romantic getaway at an island resort. You're enjoying a complimentary breakfast in a restaurant that overlooks the beach.

  • You: *eating your breakfast*
  • Prod: *staring at you*
  • You slowly look up and catch him staring at you.
  • You: What?
  • Prod: Nothing...
  • You continue eating and take another quick glance at him. He hasn't even blinked. You start to blush
  • You: Why are you staring at me?
  • Prod: You're just really beautiful, that's all.
  • You: *blushes and keeps eating* Why don't you eat your food?
  • Prod: Because I'm afraid you might do something cute and I might miss it
  • You laugh
  • You: Prod, stop.
  • Prod: What? Is it my fault that I'm sitting across from the most gorgeous woman on the face of this planet?
  • You blush harder and giggle
  • You: You're a really sweetheart, you know that?
  • Prod: Only for you, baby. Only for you.

Fernando Fact #12: when your backstage with MB and your friends and they wanna bring up how obsessed you are with princeton



I have a good feeling,tomorrow is gonna be an amazing night! i might recognise some people from tumblr ;L

I want Princeton to see my picture :) Can you guys help me?


Fernando Fact #13: when you ask the DJ to play MB and the start playing the wanted



I can put the thrill on your life. I can make your dreams come to life. I'll take off my shades, show you my eyes. I can see right through you, girl i know you aint SHYYY.
This blog is dedicated to the four most talented boys in the world.... mindless behavior.

The group consist of four boys. Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray-Ray & Roc Royal.

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